The reasons to choose vintage clothing


More and more people are making the conscious choice to search for vintage clothing. And for good reason. Because vintage clothing has a lot of goodness clinging to it. Back in the old days, vintage used to get a bad reputation for being ‘smelly’ or ‘dirty’, but those days are long gone. Now Vintage Clothing Amsterdam is super cool. Are you still on the fence? Below you’ll find three of the many reasons why vintage clothing shopping is so great!

Vintage clothing is better for the environment

Of course this needs to be the first reason on our list. Many people have started vintage shopping because it is so much better for the environment. Shopping vintage technically means that you are giving clothes a second life. It’s a sort of recycling, which means that little will get thrown away. By wearing vintage, you’ll prevent perfectly good clothing getting burned or destroyed some other way.

Vintage clothing saves you money

Another one of the most named reasons why people shop vintage, is the money aspect. Vintage shopping won’t break the bank. To be fair, finding quality vintage clothing does take some effort and extra time. You will need to struggle through a lot of fabric to find a gem, but when you do: it is all worth it. Quality pieces will save you a lot of money. Think about big name clothing brands, or pieces like leather jackets, coats or jeans.

Vintage clothing encourages creativity

We all know how annoying it is to find an amazing shirt, only to find out that like three other people own the same one. You won’t have that problem whilst shopping vintage. Because you won’t be wearing what everyone else is wearing. Instead, you’ll be wearing special pieces. This will encourage you to put some more creativity into your outfits. You could even put your scissors to the fabric to adjust some fittings or cut sleeves off. You’ll become your own fashion designer.

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